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Lysander Shipping have provided logistical support for both one-off and project infrastructure developments for over 25 years.

Lysander Shipping have managed cargo required for varied infrastructure projects such as motorways, pipelaying and treatment plants.

Using our specialist knowledge, sub supplier partnerships and strong relationships with European vendors, Lysander Shipping can represent your cargo interests in Europe effectively.

Projects include Abu Dhabi Water Board expansion and New Oil pier at MAA Refinery Saudi Arabia.

In this case, Lysander Shipping were given the task of arranging a shipment of 2 x cable drums for cable laying in Onne, Nigeria from the UK.
Here you can see the cable drums, which required a cradle to be supplied and fitted prior to loading.

After surveying the cargo for client, Lysander Shipping arranged for cradles to be manufactured and fitted quickly and safely.

The reels were then transported to Antwerp, where tarpaulins were fitted, and loaded as BB on conventional service to Onne, Nigeria.
This shipment combined intense coordination with UK vendor, cradle fabricator and end client, and successfully delivered the cargo in a timely manner without incident while keeping costs to a minimum.

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