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Ensuring the safety of our staff and meeting global quality guidelines are an essential part of our daily shipping practise.   



In order to comply with our company Quality policy we have vowed to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet both customer, and applicable statutory and regulatory, requirements.

We shall deliver the highest possible quality forwarding solutions and services to the energy sector through transport solutions by sea, air and land and provide customer value and satisfaction by implementing a proactive health and safety policy and acting an environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable manner.

We strive relentlessly with an aim to achieve excellence in all business that we venture into.

AEO - Authorised Economic Operator


What is AEO? It is an internationally recognised hallmark that proves our role in the international supply chain is secure. It also demonstrates that our customs controls and procedures meet EU standard.

As a benefit of having AEO status, we can offer faster customs clearances, less interventions and lower risk to your cargo’s transit through borders.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Lysander are fully committed to conduct our business in a responsible and lawful manner with emphasis on continual improvement of Health & Safety, Environment, Ethnic Trading, Anti-Corruption and Security matters. We shall proactively identify and mitigate risks and negative impacts in these areas. We strive to promote the same principles with our customers, suppliers and other partners.


Health & Safety - We shall conduct our business in a responsible manner that protects the health & safety of our employees and others under our control and supervision. Our aim is to achieve zero accidents and to establish a strong and active safety culture at all levels in our organisation. We will actively work to promote health & safety and best practices in our business, and in our relationship with our customers, suppliers and other partners. 

Environment - We are committed to reduce the impact of our operation and business activities on the environment. We shall work continuously to reduce the pollution to sea, air and land. Take steps to minimise material and energy wastage, promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials and make use of new environmentally friendly technologies wherever possible.

Security - We shall exercise constant care of your cargo whilst under our control and actively work with all relevant parties and authorities to prevent any security breaches that could harm your cargo. The security of your cargo is equally important to us as any commercial or operational factors. 

Ethnic Trade & Anti-Corruption - As a responsible employer we strongly believe in ethical principles and stewardship. We shall ensure that all our employees are treated in a fair and non-discriminate way and we shall follow the Ethical Trading Criteria’s. We demand the highest standard from our employees at all times and ask that they conduct themselves with honesty, integrity and show respect for local cultures, traditions and comply with all relevant laws.

We are working against all forms of corruption. It is our policy that no employee are to engage in any form of corrupt practice, including bribery and extortion and we are promoting the elimination of such practices in line with international standards and laws.


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