Gas turbines to Shanghai

In December 2021, Lysander Shipping UK organised the shipment of the first of five gas turbines weighing 27000kg to Shanghai.

In the latter days of December 2021 Lysander Shipping UK arranged the 1st of 5 Gas Turbines measuring 1280cm x 264 x 310 cm and 27000 kg to be shipped from a UK manufacturer to Shanghai.
The first turbine was shipped as Breakbulk on container vessel MSC Dilletta , from Felixstowe. As the first turbine had to be removed from factory prior to end of year and consignee requiring the turbine within a certain timescale, without a suitable RORO vessel, Lysander UK found a more immediate option as BB via container vessel.
The second turbine was shipped differently, on a mafi trailer on RORO vessel Morning Lily from Southampton.
Lysander will always strive to provide as many solutions as possible to fit within your timescale.